Our Secular Books Censoring Guidelines

The Books We Distribute


At MCS, we are particularly sensitive to the needs of our children and aim to provide top quality literature without the immodesty, foul language and inappropriate content that is rampant in secular literature.

Every secular title listed on our site was vetted, read and graded within our censor level system. Please note: We do not censor books; we rate them by censor levels. Those levels are explained below. 

All the books have overall appropriate content. We do not distribute any books that are overly religious in tone, have inappropriate plots or themes, or are in direct conflict with Jewish values.

Naturally, each parent and educator has their own standards and principles and may find things they do not approve of in the books. In addition, our book vetting process was not done with any specific rabbinical supervision and is therefore not foolproof. Please feel free to get in touch with us at Menucha Classroom Solutions to let us know about anything we may have missed. Contact us here.

Please be aware that at MCS we do not take censoring notes of boy and girl characters in a story if they are acting appropriately and in an entirely unromantic fashion. Non-kosher food, i.e. pork, and other appropriate secular behavior, i.e. a girl wearing short sleeves, have also not been noted. Immodest clothing such as bathing suits have been taken into account.


Censor Levels Demystified:

Censor level 1:

Books in this level are completely appropriate. Most of them are picture books and early chapter books. They need no censoring.

Censor Level 2:

Books in this category may have references to secular religious holidays, i.e. Christmas. They may contain some bathroom language and language once or twice such as words like heck and dark. They may have references to technology, the Internet and TV or movies. In this category, words like stupid or crazy were not noted.

Censor Level 3:

Books in this category may contain some language such as heck or darn several times. They may also contain words like "flirt" and "romance" and other subtle boy/girl situations. In this category, words like stupid or crazy were not noted.

Censor Level 4:

Books in this category need the most censoring. They may contain a larger amount of foul language and immodesty. In this category, words like stupid or crazy were not noted.

Please be aware that even books in Level 4 will be entirely appropriate after they have been censored properly. Any books that lost their appeal or meaning after censoring, or were entirely inappropriate, are not distributed by Menucha Classroom Solutions.